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Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Mustafa Ubai

World Top Ten AI Ambassador !

Mustafa is the Winner of the “do your bit” on Middle East . It’s a global competition challenging children to design solutions to real-world problems using the micro:bit as a Hardware and Coding skills as a Software . The “do your:bit challenge” tasks children to think of innovative ways to use a micro:bit chip to help protect life on land and below water .

also he is one of the World top 10 AI Ambassador for Students .

Mustafa video on YouTube ” Best way to start Coding for kids ” still ranking as the top video on the whole entire World !

Course Description

Absolute beginner guide to learn Coding , Robotics, and Electronics by using Micro:bit via a fun projects !


Amazing Course

It’s the most engaging course that kids can attend , simply it will not show them how to code only , while it will show them how fly with no fear ! 

Nadia Ali

Course Details

Course Duration

Approx. 4 Weeks

Course Price

2500 IQD

Course Level


Course Description

Have you always wanted to understand the hype behind Robotics, Coding, and Electronics, but you were overwhelmed by the complexity and not sure how to start ?

This course will avoid all that confusion by taking you step-by-step through understanding everything in a very interactive way .

Each module of this course revolves around learning key concepts via building fun projects and experiments.

 each module of the course includes concepts breakdowns, coding walk-through, challenges and assessments, assembly videos, and demos.

The course is centered around the BBC Microbit Platform: The world’s easiest and most friendly electronics and coding platform. In fact all the coding can be done on any device- computer, tablet, or phone.

All the code we write will be picture based graphical code. No confusing text based code! 

Graphical code is much easier to understand but the computer science principles learnt in the course are identical to what professional programmers use.

Key Features

Student Reviews about This Course

I like to code because I can program my own things, and I can create the games that I want! It's really hard to do it, but with course I can do it! It's easy!”
Ahmed Ali
From Baghdad
After this course i realized that whatever comes into our imagination, we can do it .
Mand Peshtiwan
From Erbil
When my son started with this course he told me "Don't be afraid to code just because you don't have a background in computer science – anyone can learn with a visual programming language".
Fadi Jones
From Lebanon
My 10 years daughter was amazed by this course and flew through all of her lessons with ease . she came to me, smile from always and she was so proud of her ability after the course .
Talar Hammed
From Suly

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