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Micro:bit Mastery Course

Absolute beginner's guide to learning Coding, Electronics & Robotics on the Micro:bit via fun Projects to become an Expert !

What Our Students Have to Say

“Thank you very much, I really do feel like I gained a lot from doing this online Course.”
Firas Bassam
From Baghdad
“Another fantastic course from Superhero ! The interactive elements keep it fun and help to cement the learning.”
Zahra Ziad
From Suly
“I really found this course really well structured and interactive!, thank you very much for real efforts , it was difficult to find such course here in Erbil”
Frank Jones
From Erbil
“my kid was really impressed with the whole course - content, quality and user experience. Ie felt energized after the course and will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.”
Jack Brownn
From Erbil
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