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We’ve created a career education programs designed to open global opportunities for your Kids !

Actionable Training

Kids are naturally curious and intrigued by everything around them, and we will feed this natural curiosity and give them the tools they need to answer their questions about the programming world.

Interesting Quizzes

We will make sure to develop their Skills by enhancing their Reading awareness and focusing on the most important information from the lesson, remembering details , and Learning practice .

Premium Material

Our Coding and Robotics topics are carefully developed to target Kid’s skills and their mindsets using hands-on learning and innovative training models with an applicable project

Our Most Popular Courses

Peer to Peer Education , we understand our peers' struggles, as we can relate to the same experience , so we can share the knowledge with our friendly Peers better !!.

Micro:bit Mastery Course

Absolute beginner's guide to learning Coding, Electronics & Robotics on the Micro:bit via fun Projects to become an Expert !

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Your ideal education platform to let your kid learn coding online. Let your kid learn what they love.it will gives your kid the opportunity to create an positively impact with coding !

Eng. Carmen Amer — Founder & CEO.

We will help you to develop problem solving, critical thinking,  creativity, teamwork,  attention to detail,  foreign language, and Coding skills

We have created a Learning Path that ensures the kids  are working towards an overall goal. and it keeps them on track and engaged with their course content. And focus on the goal that they are currently working on without being overwhelmed .

Watching children learn, create and share while inspiring other kids to develop their skills has become the most enriching experience on the platform.

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What Our Students Have to Say

“Thank you very much, I really do feel like I gained a lot from doing this online Course.”
Firas Bassam
From Baghdad
“Another fantastic course from Superhero ! The interactive elements keep it fun and help to cement the learning.”​
Zahra Ziad
From Suly
“I really found this course really well structured and interactive!, thank you very much for real efforts , it was difficult to find such course here in Erbil”
Frank Jones
From Erbil
“my kid was really impressed with the whole course - content, quality and user experience. Ie felt energized after the course and will definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.”
Jack Brownn
From Erbil
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